The North Street Review is a peer-reviewed post-graduate journal published by the School of Art History and Museum and Galleries Studies at the University of St. Andrews. Now in its twentieth year, it has gone through many incarnations, first as Inferno, then as the Journal of Art History and Museum Studies, before being re-launched under its current title in 2013-2014. Never one to shy away from change, the North Street Review is now evolving into a fully digital publication. All of our archives and full texts of past articles are available through the University of St. Andrews Library website. For more information, please click here.

The journal has published articles about as many subjects as can fit under the auspices of ‘art history’. From the artistic implications of city maps, re-imagining Old Masters, and exploring projects by new and exciting artists, our only constant criteria has been a high standard of scholarship and writing. Our mission has always been to educate and facilitate conversations about Art. We believe that it is essential for post-graduates and young professionals to have a venue where they can publish new work and grow to be leading scholars in their fields. For the forthcoming 2016 edition, we are excited to promote our edition’s theme of ‘Modulating Materiality’.

School of Art History

And if you were wondering, the name of the journal comes from the physical address of the building that houses our department, 79 North Street in St. Andrews, Scotland.

ISSN: 2053-2024


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    Now in its twentieth year of innovative post-graduate research in the field of art history.